A deflationary DEFI token deployed on BNB chain to revolutionize the traditional world of meme utility


AutoStake feature is a simple yet cutting-edge function called Buy-Hold-Earn, that provides the ultimate ease of use for $DCOIN holders.

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With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

Q3 2022

Project Start; Research; Dalmatian Coin Idea Conception; Smart contract Definition; Team building: core team and advisory network.

Q4 2022

Idea Formation; Launch Of Website; Whitepaper Release; Marketing For Presale Phases; Community building; Socials launch; Contest & Giveaway; Presale Phases Begin.

Q1 2023

Presale Phases End; CoinMarketCap Listing; Audit ; Official Token Launch; $Dcoin Listings On PancakeSwap; Website Update; Add and Lock Liquidity to PancakeSwap; Lock Team Wallet for 3 Years; Founders & Partners Wallet for 3 Years; Advisors & Legal Team Wallet for 2 Years; Airdrop.

Q2 2023

Update whitepaper V2 TBA


DCOIN is a decentralized currency that trades and invest with powerful blockchain applications.

The Dalmatian Coin development team is built on the philosophy of creating a deflationary utility token deployed on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20).

$Dcoin is the fundamental token of the Dalmatian Ecosystem consisting of a series of smart contracts that make up the Dalmation Coin Protocol. The deflationary nature of the token contract will be achieved via a Buy Back and Burn from the tax-based tokenomics structure.

Token Name: Dalmatian coin

Token Symbol: DCOIN

Total supply: 1 000 000 000 000 000

Decimals: 9


Why Choose us?


Reduce circulation supply, leading to appreciation in value and removal of extras from the market. This is why Dalmatian Coin was born: burn wallet =0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD


While cryptocurrencies present a huge opportunity for traders, security remains a key issue that prevents the widespread acceptance of cryptocurrency as an investment asset.


5% fee of each transaction is redistributed to token holders. That means you can earn more Dalmatian Coins by holding them in your wallet. (centralized exchanges/wallets may not apply tokenomics)


5% fee from swap and transfers can be kept in a standalone pool within the contract itself and automatically converted to the liquidity pool.

How Dalmatian Coin (Dcoin) Works?

Token Reflection.

Earlier models of decentralized finance tokens such as pool farming are costly and rely on user action to manually compound rewards. As a solution, we propose the utilisation of a compounding reward structure that requires no additional fees in a smart contract function, also known as token reflections. To achieve this, reflection must happen without cost or impact to the user.

Depreciating Supply & Burn Address

In a decentralized smart chain environment, contract functions can be utilized to achieve token scarcity. To do this, we propose also distributing rewards to the burn address, which is publicly verifiable for all participants to see. We can then track the depreciating supply in real-time for added transparency. In our effort to establish a baseline token burn rate, we find that these values are dependent on three important factors: reflection rate, token quantity, and market volume. The rate of reflection rewards is proportional to the total supply in each holder's wallet address.

Automated Liquidity Acquisition

Liquidity can be taken as a function of the smart contract using market activity from all swaps and transfers. A portion of these swaps and transfers will be captured by the smart contract. For this to happen, the portion of the 5% fee from swap and transfers can be kept in a standalone pool within the contract itself and automatically converted to the liquidity pool after the token count reaches a threshold, set at 500 billion tokens. Liquidity is then managed by the contract as it is sold and paired accordingly thereby alleviating the users from having to subject themselves to any impermanent loss scenarios. Large liquidity pools act to decrease the volatility of the swap impacts against the overall available supply.

Token Distribution


Sep 03, 2022 (9:00AM GMT)

Number of tokens for sale

640000000000000 DCOIN (64%)


Mar 31, 2023 (11:00AM GMT)

Tokens exchange rate
  • PreICO               :   1 USDT = 63000000 Dcoin
  • ICO                     :   1 USDT = 55000000 Dcoin
  • Listing Price       : 1 USDT = 20000000 Dcoin
Acceptable currencies


Minimal transaction amount



Token Distribution

Our Team

CEO & Lead Blockchain

  • Minted NFT project and deployed NFT marketplace on local blockchain.
  • Deployed Web3 version of Twitter on Kovan test network using IPFS and ReactJS.

Rishita Chakraborty
CTO & Senior Developer

  • Developed and deployed numerous DApps on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain blockchains.
  • Developed Solidity smart contracts implementing ERC-20 and ERC-721 standards.

himanshu thapliyal
Blockchain App Developer

  • Plantation on-chain game on Polygon using Chainlink VRF
  • NFT minter using NFTPort
  • Decentralised exchange contract(sushiswap/Uniswap)
  • Experience creating DeFi flash loans on BSC with NodeJS.

sarthak bhat
Board Advisor
Julian Paten
Board Advisor
pranav joseph
Board Advisor

Frequently asked questions

DALMATIAN COIN is a new protocol that attempts to create a new decentralized model in DeFi. The DALMATIAN COIN protocol places the value the project generates into the wallets of DCOINS holders rather than building a large treasury. This approach provides value immediately for token holders and creates an engaged community interested in seeing the project continue to thrive. Our goal is to leverage the community as one cohesive and focused unit to build wealth and power for the community. This is a new concept in DeFi and we believe it will set a new standard or the industry. Currently it has made DALMATIAN COIN one of the hottest projects in the DeFi space.

BNB via the Binance Smart Chain. To pay via the Binance Smart Chain network (BSC), make sure you have selected the Binance Smart Chain network in your wallet before making a purchase.

You can view the verified Smart Contract here: https://www.bscscan.com/address/0xb83b9166b7020c7d5BfE5a6EAeC68e2284351887

You Can Register on Our Website and Buy the Our $DCOIN Token via BNB,USDT or BUSD Crypto .

Yes, a listing on Pancakeswap is guaranteed via the Liquidity Pool.

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